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Engineering services

RedShift provides a full range of design and engineering services:



RedShift's integrated design philosophy is demonstrated by the seamless combination of the following design fields:

Structural design Design of passive structures, material and surface treatment selection according to structural, thermal and environmental boundary conditions.
Mechanical design Designs ranging from manual mechanisms up to fully automated mechanisms including actuator and feedback sensor selection, taking into account aspects such as anatomical restrictions, lifetime analysis, tribology, etc.
Thermal design Designs ranging from passive thermal systems (e.g. passive cooling of consumer electronics enclosures) up to full thermal or environmental management systems, including application of multi-phase heat management systems, fluid flow analysis, dimensioning and selection of fans, pumps, heat sinks and heat exchangers.
Optical design Selection of components of optical assemblies. Custom optical components and complex optical modeling can be provided through cooperation with specialized companies.
Electronic design Design of low-power consumer electronics and space electronics (starting from conceptual design through component selection up to PCB layout and component programming). Design of measurement systems (from selection and installation of simple measurement devices up to process automation). Ruggedisation of commercial electronics including qualification (through functional and environmental tests).
Software design Implementation of hardware related software including functional test software, user interface software, embedded software, data-analysis and post-processing software.

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RedShift provides structural, thermal and electrical numerical analysis capabilities. These range from simple hand calculations up to detailed finite element models. If no commercial software is available dedicated software can be developed for the numerical simulation of specific physical systems. The development time of such a simulation is reduced by using powerful programming tools.
Critical design features can be verified by breadboard tests.

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Prototyping and Testing

Prototyping and Testing

RedShift provides prototyping services from breadboard level up to proto-series and space flight models. Testing services from in-house functional tests up to full environmental testing are available for prototypes and customer-supplied equipment.

Manufacturing The high quality of prototype parts is ensured by the use of specialized manufacturers. However, breadboard parts may be manufactured in-house.
Assembly Assembly and integration of prototypes is performed or coordinated by the product designers. This leads to assembly-friendly designs and reduces errors during integration. Integration of electronics is available in-house or through cooperation with specialized companies.
Testing Full functional testing. In addition to functional testing any kind of environmental test (e.g. vibration and shock, EMC, humidity, temperature, dust) can be provided upon customer request.
RedShift develops dedicated Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for use in space programs according to ESA standards.

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Product Development

Product development

Some highlights of the integrated RedShift product development strategy have been summarized in the following table.

Project management Realistic planning and cost breakdown can be provided due to the RedShift experience in project management, thereby keeping projects within the planned cost and schedule.
Specifications RedShift keeps evaluating product requirements from the start of the project until delivery. This results into an integral design, incorporating all functional and boundary requirements. Frequent interaction allows customers to keep control the project. If needed, requirement descriptions and product specifications will be changed according to results obtained during the design process.
Production RedShift can organize production of small series in close cooperation with other companies.
Post-delivery support RedShift delivers all support needed to operate prototypes or transform a prototype design into a production-optimised design.
Documentation RedShift key personnel are experienced in writing documentation according to space project standards. Experience as prime contractor and subcontractor provides knowledge of all aspects of space programs. RedShift will provide data packages according to the current standards for all your space projects.
RedShift provides a full set of design documentation for designs of customer and industrial products (including drawings, schematics and software source code), and if required all documents supporting CE-certification of these products (including risk assessment, technical construction file and user manual).
Product Assurance RedShift is used to the strict product assurance requirements applicable on space projects. The necessary documentation (from FMECA to full safety data package) will be provided according to the project requirements.
RedShift will design customer and industrial products according to European safety directives. RedShift will produce the necessary documentation for CE-certification of these products. If required RedShift shall obtain support from a notified body.

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RedShift personnel are available as consultants for short-term assignments. This intensive engineering or management consultancy is always tailored to specific project requirements. RedShift key personnel are experienced in the fields of industrial design, scientific instrument design and space instrument design.

RedShift provides the following services on a consultancy basis:

General problem solving Redshift provides analysis and troubleshooting of design problems (including but not limited to functional problems, thermal problems and mechanical problems). If needed RedShift can define or perform a test campaign in order to diagnose problems.
Management support RedShift provides project management consultancy.
If a product has to be adapted to space standards, RedShift can advise or help with the preparation of the required documents and help with the qualification.
Software development RedShift is developing embedded software (firmware) and man-machine interface software for its own products.
Dedicated embedded or user software can be developed in the frame of a project (from requirement review to implementation, including a full documentation package and source code) or RedShift can provide short-term in-house software development capabilities.
Thermal verification In case of a temporal lack in thermal engineering capacity RedShift can provide you with experienced thermal engineers.

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