TAS3 - Tri-axes Accelerometer System,
fully assembled.

TAS3 is a stand-alone Tri-Axes Accelerometer System developed for the Foton M-2 mission. It features internal data acquisition and data storage.
TAS3 is continuously measuring the residual micro-acceleration level during Foton payload operation. The acquired data are downloaded after recovery of the hardware.
The downloaded data have been post-processed and analysed after the mission (see results summary).
The TAS3 processing electronics and housing feature a modular design which allows expansion with DIMAC electronics modules for the Foton M-3 mission.
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The main TAS3 specifications are:
Parameter Value Remarks
Range -32mg..+32mg  
Resolution 1g  
Accuracy 1g or 0.5% whichever is greatest
Bandwidth 0.01Hz..200Hz  
Sample rate 1000S/s for each axis
Data Storage 8GByte 14 days of continuous data logging
Mass 1.8kg  
Volume 165 x 120 x 100 mm  
Power 5 Watt  
Typical design features of TAS3 are:
  • Three Honeywell QA3000 accelerometers are mounted orthogonal to each other, aligned to the TAS3 coordinate axes. Noise is filtered from the acceleration signal before it is converted to 16-bits digital data.
  • The fully autonomous data acquisition and data storage is controlled by an 8-bit microcontroller. Acquired data is time-tagged and stored in 8GB of solid state memory (consisting of four 2GB CompactFlash cards).
  • A real-time clock backed up by a small Lithium battery provides the time reference required to correlate the acquired acceleration measurements to the Foton mission timeline.
  • A full duplex RS422 asynchronous data interface allows software upload (64kByte of Flash program code capacity) and stored data download during ground operations.
  • TAS3 power interface electronics interface to the Foton power bus and provide failure protection, inrush current limiting, noise filtering, and galvanically insulated secondary power supplies.
TAS3 has been flown on the Foton M-2 flight in June 2005. The Foton M-2 mission was fully successful and the recovered data were successfully post-processed and analysed (see results summary).
ESA ordered DIMAC flight hardware complementing the TAS3 system for delivery in 2007. The DIMAC sensor microgravity measurement bandwidth [0Hz .. 0.01Hz] complements the TAS3 bandwidth.
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