Reference projects

Reference projects demonstrating RedShift capabilities:

Simulation tools

RedShift provided post-mission support for several ESA space projects, performing data analysis and mission simulation and reporting the results to the mission scientists. Dedicated software tools have been developed to perform these analyses.

Project: Expose-E and Expose-R: Environmental history by calculation.
Description: Solar irradiation simulation performed in support of the Expose-E and Expose-R space exposure experiments on the International Space Station.

This project involves data processing and mission simulation (using LabView to process ISS position, attitude and joint angle data), shading simulation using a three-dimensional geometrical model of the ISS (using Visual Basic in IntelliCAD) and verification (using LabView to compare simulation results to solar irradiation measurements).
Expose simulation
Project: DIMAC: Foton M-3 movie generator.
Description: Software tool (developed in LabView and distributed as stand-alone application) creating movies of the Foton-M3 attitude motion. The Foton M-3 attitude was not measured directly, but is reconstructed from DIMAC magnetometer measurement data.

Additional charts can be added to the movie, including the solar irradiation on the Biopan-6 experiment as calculated by a separate RedShift tool.
Foton movie

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Microgravity accelerometers

RedShift developed, built and operated several microgravity accelerometers for ESA missions on Foton spacecraft and one accelerometer for the International Space Station. The complexity of these systems ranged from a simple accelerometer subsystem to an environmental monitoring system featuring autonomous data acquisition and data storage of several types of sensors.

Although these projects involved mainly the development of electronics, software and mechanical structures, some projects also involved the development of dedicated mechanisms and optical subsystems.

Project: DIMAC FM
Description: Proto-flight development for Foton M-3 flight providing:
- vibration sensor and autonomous data acquisition system
- experimental quasi-steady acceleration sensor
- magnetometer sensors at 3 remote locations

Mission support, data analysis and reporting.

Including flight software development for 3 microcontrollers (C) and 2 FPGAs (VHDL) and development of test tools and ground support software (in LabView).
Project: TAS3
Description: Proto-flight development of a triaxial accelerometer system for the Foton-M2 flight. Features autonomous data acquisition and 8GByte data storage capacity.

Mission data analysis and reporting.

Including flight software development for a microcontroller (C) and development of test tools and ground support software (C++).
Project: DIMAC study
Description: Study and prototype development of a (quasi)-steady-state microgravity acceleration measurement device.

Participation to parabolic flight campaign with DIMAC prototype.

Including development of image acquisition and image processing software (in LabView).
DIMAC study
Project: MMA
Description: Proto-flight development of a microgravity accelerometer package for Fluid Science Laboratory core facility (Columbus module - International Space Station).
Project: TAS2 and TAS2-bis
Description: Proto-flight development of a replacement of the FluidPac tri-axial accelerometer subsystem for the FluidPac re-flight (Foton M-1 flight). Rebuild hardware after launch failure (for Foton M-2 flight).

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Office tools

RedShift developed several office software tools:

Project: Office tools
Description: Conversion of xml-files to reports (MS Excel and Visual Basic).
Document registration database (MS Access and Visual Basic).
Product configuration database (MS Access and Visual Basic).

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